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Why DMW Exchange?

Why should DMW Exchange be my choice?

Freely trade anywhere!

Beyond Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Canada and more.
Fast and Secure Crypto currency trading
Trading free in DMW Exchange

Solution to Digital financial services

Separate PK storage, Cold wallet
and Auto scaling for a safe service environment
Hacking free in DMW Exchange

A New Investment Paradigm!

For your investment success
We offer various crypto currencies and coin market.
Diverse Coin Economy in DMW Exchange

【 DMW Exchange SAVING service information 】

DMW Exchange's SAVING service, which has been well received, is expected to reach the planned number of accumulated purchases.

Therefore, the reception of the SAVING service has ended on October 7th, 2020.

Thank you for your cooperation.

WFCA & WFCP Deposit Announcement.


DMW is a safe and convenient crypto exchange.

Currently, there are frequent cases where members make a wrong deposit of WFCP to WFCA address 
or a wrong deposit of WFCA to WFCP address.

Please pay special attention to checking the deposit address when depositing WFCA and WFCP.

Thank you very much for always using the DMW exchange.