DMW EXCHANGE_Revised Membership Regulation

We will strengthen the KYC certification from April 1st by upgrading the security of the current membership approval. If you do not register KYC certification, the transaction will be suspended.


(Account Restriction by Membership Level)

After the KYC authentication, the exchange conducts a survey to distinguish the purpose of transaction, then the approval committee judges the account level according to the survey result and sets the account level.


(Transaction limit)

When the 3% of the upper/lower limit transaction price is reached, the transaction of the day is suspended. In addition, the sales order and purchase order at that time are reset.

The number of orders for each trade class is as follows.

Trade Class1  1WFCA

Trade Class2  5WFCA

Trade Class3  Unlimited


(OTC transaction installation)

From April, OTC transactions are installed within the DMW exchange.


{Transaction basis}

The trading price is based on the price of the DMW exchange. (Market price)

There is no trade class setting for OTC transactions. Trading volume is not limited.

* The 3% fee is charged for the transaction. (Accept the trading price)


{Tradeable Coin}

 WFCAß-àETH, BTC, Gift Certificate